The most important part of our job at Capital City Exteriors is making sure that our customers have all of their roofing, siding and gutter issues taken care of in a professional and quick manner. A vital part of this process is dealing with insurance claims which can often be a challenge and quite confusing. 

That is why we are ready to assist our clients in dealing with the insurance claims process to make their lives easier and also ensure that they get the right fix for their home or business. 

Insurance companies most often focus simply on providing the lowest cost repairs to your property without making sure that the right solution is applied. They also can overlook more serious problems that are hiding in inconspicuous places which may affect the value and safety of your home over a longer period of time.

We have years of experience in dealing with Insurance Claim Adjusters and can step in and help you navigate these difficult waters to make sure that you get the right repairs that you deserve. By simply allowing us to be your representative, we will deal with all the ends and outs of your insurance company and ensure that everything is handled the correct way and in a timely manner.

Insurance Claim Form

Our Steps for Assisting in an Insurance Claim

  1. The customer will be asked to sign a simple form that will allow Capital City Exteriors to act as their official representative in dealing with the Insurance Company. 
  2. A member of our team will assess the damage done to your property and determine the cause of the damage. We will immediately contact the Insurance Company with a detailed report of our findings in order to get the claims process started.
  3. Once the claim has started then an official adjuster from the Insurance Company will need to come to your home or business in order to verify the claim. We will make sure that a member of our team is present to talk with the adjuster, to point out all issues related to the damage and to answer any questions that he/she may have.
  4. Once the adjuster has approved the claim for the repairs, we will then start the process of fixing the issue at hand and will inform you of every step that we make along the way. 
  5. As with every job we do, the completion of the work is determined by you, the customer, and we will not be finished until you say that you are satisfied.

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